P.R.I.S.M. project

Project co-financed by the EU in the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2014-2020 – OS2 – ON3 Capacity building – letter j) Governance of services – Support to local Authorities and their social and welfare services.

What is P.R.I.S.M.

P.R.I.S.M. is the acronym of Platform Registry for Integration Management and is a project created to facilitate communication and exchange of information between operators and public services of the Molise region.

Aims of the project

The main objective of the project is to provide organizational and operational support to public services/operators in Molise, in order to remove and overcome the situations of need and difficulty of third-country nationals who are regularly staying, belonging to single-parent households with dependent children or to families in particular hardship, with children who no longer enjoy the reception.

Who is the target?

  • Public operators, who through the following platform will be able to access a reserved area and manage the Information Sheets useful to disclose important communications to end users.

  • Citizens of third countries, who are regularly residing in Molise, who will be able to access the various sections of the platform (Health – Job – Education and Training – Administrative Services – Transport and Housing Services – Social Private) and download the pdf of the Information Sheets concerning the topics of their interest.



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